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Seven Churches Revelation Study

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Jesus at the Door

A Topical Study of Revelation 3:20

No doubt you've seen the classic picture by Holman Hunt of Jesus knocking on a door. Now hanging in St. Paul's Cathedral in London, upon its first unveiling, a certain critic said, "You've made a mistake, Mr. Hunt. There's no handle on the door."

"That was intentional,", replied Hunt. "The door opens only from the inside."

Holman Hunt was right, for it's up to you and me to let the Lord into our lives. He won't kick the door down. He won't force His way into our hearts.

You can have Him on your mind or in your mind but Jesus requires a place in your heart, not just in your mind.

Yet although we use this verse as a call to individual salvation, it was actually written to a self satisfied congregation.

Is Jesus talking to people meeting in His Name who are supposed to be Christians? Yes. And is He saying He is on the outside and wants to come in? Yes.

Well, how does one get to the point where the Lord is on the outside? How does a church get to the place where it thinks it's doing fine, but is spiritually bankrupt? If it happened at Ladies, can it happen to churches today?

Some of the information on Revelation 2 & 3 has been edited from
'Tree of Life Bible Commentary, Revelation - Volumn 1', by Jon Coursen.

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